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Become a Reseller for the #1 IPTV Service

Why Choose Primestreams?

  • Low investment

  • No technical know-how required

  • Use existing IPTV infrastructure and content

  • You can easily and almost infinitely scale up if your service takes off

  • Set your own profit margins


Below are our credit packages. All prices do not include a $25 setup fee.  Please note, it may take up to 24 hours to create your account.

PS Reseller Credits-25 $125.00

Get started with a minimum investment of just $125.00. That is $5.00 a credit. You can continue to purchase this until you get the ball rolling and grow your customer base.  At that time, you can get a better credit price by purchasing a larger package. 

PS Reseller Credits-50 $237.50

At this level you are paying $4.75 a credit. You can use this as an entry level package as well if your wallet permits.

PS Reseller Credits-100 $450.00

You are well on your way to filling your pockets. At credit price of $4.50 your profit margins are growing. 

PS Reseller Credits-250 $1062.50

You got this! You are paying $4.25 a credit with this package.

PS Reseller Credits-500 $2000

For our established resellers. Your cost is $4.00 a credit.

PS Reseller Credits-1000 $3500

You are planning a tropical vacation with your family now.  At $3.50 a credit you are rolling in the dough.

PS Reseller Credits-2500 $7500

You are on a tropical vacation and are running your business remotely. You are paying only $3.00 a credit.


The way it works is, you buy a certain amount of credits. You then assign credits to your customers. We will also set up a portal from which you can then manage your credits, add your customer’s subscription.

Reseller system is based on Credits, so it’s not time-based and it will not expire until they are applied to your customer.

Each line that you create will be up to 5 simultanious connections at a time. 


Subscription Packages

Subscription Length *Subject to changeCredit Cost
One Month 1 Connection1 Credit
One Month 2 Connections1.5 Credits
One Month 3 Connections2 Credits
One Month 5 Connections3 Credits
3 Months 1 Connection3 Credits
3 Months 2 Connections
4.5 Credits
3 Months 3 Connections6 Credits
6 Months 1 Connection5 Credits
6 Months 2 Connections6 Credits
6 Months 3 Connections8 Credits
6 Months 5 Connections10 Credits

You as the reseller handle all aspects of your business. You activate your customers, you extend their service when needed, you bill and collect all funds from your customers. If you want a website you create one on your own, or we do have someone that can do it for you who is not affiliated with us, just ask.

You do have the option for custom branding if you want. This is done from an outside, unaffiliated source as well. Just ask.

You also offer your customers support on your own. We support you, you support them. We have a private Facebook group you can join once you are a reseller for assistance.