Movies will return

The movie section is planned to return by the end of May in a limited capacity. Please remain patient. As we have stated many times, Primestreams main focus has always been on Sports. Video on demand is a perk. We retain the right to add or remove services at any time.

9th May 2019

Reminder, TV Guide is from multiple 3rd parties we do our best to match it. Is it 100% accurate? Nope, probably not even 90%. Do not report something just because what's playing doesn't match the guide, it happens daily and a lot, especially on preprogrammed sports channels as those are regional and the guide may not match the region.

5th May 2019
Service Changes

New Channels sourced by us.
Starz Encore Action, Starz Encore Suspense, Epix, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, A&E

5th May 2019
Service Changes

We updated our MotoGP links in SportsNetwork. Added on board cameras and helo view.

5th May 2019
Video On Demand Alternative

Follow the link below for instructions to install an application that will allow you to watch all the TV Series and Movies you could possibly ever want.
This will be for Android devices. Sorry, nothing for IOS at this time.

4th May 2019
Video On Demand

Video On Demand (VOD) is being removed from our services until further notice. There are reasons for this that we can't get into, and it is out of our control. There are alternatives to VOD outside our service with Android Apps such as TeaTV. We will add a "how to" in our support section ASAP to assist you in installing alternatives to our VOD ... Read More »

3rd May 2019